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Here's an overview of the 4-part course based on Roxie's 4 Singing Intentions:

Intention #1
Feel Thy Voice

  • Learn the #1 rule for great singing technique and a breakdown of the entire anatomy of your voice
  • Strategies for releasing tension + getting in the FLOW state that Grammy winners + Olympians use
  • The singer's worst enemy and how to avoid it 
  • Learn 3 essential tips on how to take good singing and make it great

Intention #2
Love Thy Voice

  • Learn the #1 reason so few people actually sing their hearts out and stand in the spotlight as themselves?
  • Give yourself permission to love what makes you and your voice unique!
  • Own your star power with my singing affirmations and transformative confidence-booster exercises!

Intention #3
Know Thy Voice

  • Secrets to find your vocal identity + give yourself permission to let your freak flag fly
  • The #1 thing to avoid that blocks your superstar qualities + creates the most #FOMO
  • How to transform your singer's story from fear to fierce so you can start owning your BIG dreams

Intention #4
Grow Thy Voice

  • Learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and stand out from the crowd .
  • Get results 10X faster! If you aren’t doing this or haven't done this consistently, then you're in for a treat!
  • Put yourself to the challenge with my 21-Day Singer's Challenge to become a masterful singer!

"I believe that without Roxie I wouldn’t have the same range or the same quality voice I have today. Roxie has helped me control my voice, fine tune it, and keep it healthy. Roxie has helped me increase my range and safely belt with control through puberty and just in general. "

Paul Butcher
Nickelodeon (Zoey 101), YouTube

"Roxie’s training is one-of-a-kind. I’m so proud to say I studied the I Heart My Voice method! "

X Factor, Israel

"Roxie helped me find my style, learn how to warm up my voice and take care of my instrument on a daily basis. Her coaching materials gave me a jumpstart in my singing career, helped me set goals and gain confidence in my abilities. Now much more comfortable singing in front of others."

Cristina Florez
Singer, Dancer (Millennium)

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